The Virtuous Woman Planner


Pray. Plan. Prepare. Propel. Repeat.

Are you ready to DEFINE your VISION, and PURSUE your PURPOSE?  

The Virtuous Woman System Planner will help you strategically plan your life, and maximize every moment of your day!  With the help of this system, you will be motivated to keep God as your central focus, while you organize every aspect of your life in one location!  Just like the woman in Proverbs 31, you will exemplify virtue, diligence, commitment, and productivity!  

The VWP System is designed to assist you in establishing goals, and accomplishing them, in all areas of life.  The system begins with you creating your personal strategic plan, and setting monthly, then daily goals to assist you in bringing  them to reality.     The Virtuous Woman System Planner consolidates all of your daily activities into one compact planner to help you stay grounded in the Word of God, seek God’s guidance and counsel daily through prayer and the study of the scriptures, and keeps you organized and purpose driven, all at the same!

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